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Fellow Marketer,

There’s a lot of bad information out there about how to market for profit. Sadly, some of it’s meant just to separate you from your hard-earned money.

Even worse? Information that people BELIEVE to be true, but in fact isn’t. One appropriate example:

He or she with the best product will make the most sales and profits.

Sounds good, right? But absolutely NOTHING could be farther from the truth.

McDonald’s is the largest fast food chain IN THE WORLD with over 18,710 locations


Bud Light is the world’s 3rd TOP SELLING beer with 2.5% of the entire global market by volume

Business Insider

With respect to the Big Mac and Bud Light fans out there, many would agree that these are NOT the best products in their categories.

So what puts them top of the list?

Top. Converting. Sales Copy.

Ads, marketing and promotional materials that turn the HIGHEST percentage of prospects into buyers.

Hey Jay Boyer here.

For years we’ve made our fortunes selling software's and digital products online. But honestly, we didn’t have a clue when we started.

My 1st ever product launch?

  • I invested over 20K into the development of a new software
  • Had everything in place and the product was PROVEN by testers

But I was writing the sales copy the DAY of launch - literally had zero idea how important sales copy was. Result?

  • After over 5000 visitors in the 1st 3 hours, I’d made LESS than 1K
  • Some affiliates questioned if I knew what I was doing; others simply refused to promote

Next step?

I pulled the product, invested HEAVILY in copywriting, spent THREE months planning the re-launch … then sold over 100K of the EXACT same product in 5 days.

Justin’s got similar horror stories. Bottom line? We each know, first hand, the difference that good sales copy makes when it comes to success or failure online.

Fast forward a couple of years and 50K PLUS invested in copywriting and training, and finally we’re selling at a serious level:

Justin’s products have generated over 375K in revenues …

Plus he’s partnered with others on even more 6 figure launches

From A Busted Launch To Over 7 Million In Sales In 3 Years

Sharing these numbers isn’t about bragging. There are product vendors making even more. But we wanted to show you what’s possible when you truly understand the power of effective sales copy in marketing.

One famous writer put it best:

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising

Mark Twain

It’s sure been the case for us, and we’d like to share the tricks we’ve picked up to make it happen.

The PROFIT Secret The Big Brands DON’T Want You To Know

A quality product will only take you so far.

Quality sales copy? Can be the difference between hundreds, thousands … and even millions of dollars.

Top sellers are RARELY the best products in their category. They’re simply marketed better.

No, this doesn’t mean you can create garbage and hope to sell it. But you CAN exponentially increase sales of a solid product with great sales copy.

Copywriting Is One Of, If Not THE Most Important Element In Customer Acquisition

But it doesn’t come cheap!

Consider just some of the marketing pieces you need sales copy for:

Lead Generation Pages

Product Sales Pages

Upsell Pages

Video Sales Letter Scripts

Email Marketing Campaigns

Thank-You & Download Pages

Advertising Templates

Order Form Pages

In EVERY piece of marketing, one word in the right place can instantly double your sales.
Sadly, the opposite is also true.

The REAL Costs Of Marketing Online

Advertising’s not an option. It’s essential.

Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.

Henry Ford

But, any marketing you do involves cost, and these costs can add up in a hurry.

Advertising is nothing but an expense (not an investment) unless it gets the kind of action desired by the advertiser

Victor Schwab

How To Turn Marketing Into Money


Write every piece of sales copy you need yourself. But many people have no idea
how to even start. This “DIY” approach has a lot of challenges.

  • Expect to spend HOURS studying complex and boring copywriting methods.
  • A LOT of money & training is required just to start understanding the basics.
  • It can easily take weeks to months to learn the skills to create your own copy.
  • Most “self-copy” converts poorly because it’s impossible for people to be 100% objective about the products they create.

Hire specialists. Most professionals are booked months in advance, so just finding
someone for your project is going to take time. Then consider the costs:

  • Quality copywriters charge anywhere from 1K to 5K or more per SINGLE sales letter.
  • Email writers often charge between $40-$90 PER email.
  • Ad creation is one of the most expensive jobs to outsource.

So for a full funnel project launch, with email sequences and ad campaigns, you could EASILY pay between 5 and 10K …

With absolutely ZERO guarantee of results or having any idea if you’ll make your money back.


Automate with software. There are existing tools that automate
the creation of sales copy. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Some softwares create sales pages, others create video letter scripts, and even others create advertising copy. None of them create them all.
  • Some of these tools are VERY expensive, others are extremely limited, and ALL of them require a LOT of time and customization on your part.
  • To create a full sales funnel using existing software, you’d need one tool for sales page copy, one for email marketing, one for ad creation and one more to create video sales letter scripts (4 software's total)

The only reason we know this is we’ve tried ALL 3 options.

You’ve seen the disastrous results of our “DIY” approach.

We do hire specialists, but the costs keep going up and take a big bite out of our ROI.

And we own practically every sales copy software creator ever released. None of which have fully met our expectations.

They Say It Takes Money To Make Money ...

But With Modern Technology That’s No Longer True

Both Justin and I coach students to show them how to earn online. Our preferred method is product launching … because it’s proven to be effective over the years.

But our BIGGEST frustration has been the investment our students need to make to market their products for real results.

Not many beginners have an extra 5 or 10K kicking around to invest in sales copy.

Fewer still have the skills to write their own advertising materials.

Existing software's are expensive and limited.

So how did we help our students?

With An “All-In-One” Sales Copy Solution

We’ve already invested THOUSANDS into top converting sales copy. Paid even more dollars to email copywriters and ad creation specialists.

For multiple products across numerous niches.

  • Without the need to invest the time & expense to learn copywriting.
  • Without having to pay thousands to experts.
  • Without buying MULTIPLE software's just to get ONE product to the market.

After months of development …

On the back of YEARS of successful marketing campaigns …

We’ve created the ULTIMATE in complete sales copy automation.


Click, Copy & Paste Your Way To TOP Producing Sales Copy

We wanted to develop an all-in-one software that would produce
any type of top converting sales copy in minutes.

Then charge a fraction of what it would to cost to buy the MULTIPLE software's
you’d need to do everything this single tool does. ScriptEngage lets YOU:

  • Effortlessly generate ANY type of top converting marketing material in minutes.
  • Maximize sales, leads & profits from any campaign or promotion.
  • Leverage PROVEN winning copy responsible for MILLIONS in sales to promote your products and services.

ScriptEngage delivers done-for-you copy solutions,
and here are just some of the results:

This software solves one of my biggest challenges, and that is coming up with all the copy for a given funnel. This software is simple but so powerful, and the scripts are usually something I would pay a copywriter hundreds of dollars to get done.

Thank you so much for creating this and solving one of my biggest challenges.

Heather Kimber
Heather Kimber

I can’t tell you how this helps not only myself but also my clients. I was able to generate campaigns that made a profit for my client’s right out the gate. This is an amazing tool and makes me stress less to know I can create a copy on demand without stressing over what to say.

Thank you, Justin, for this.

Allen T. Gregory
Allen T. Gregory

It’s so easy. Login, follow the step-by-step video guides, and you’ll be effortlessly creating top converting sales materials for ANY campaign in minutes.

Warning: When The Timer Hits Zero, The Price Jumps To $297.
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Watch This Demo To See How ScriptEngage Creates
High-Converting Sales Copy For You:

Never guess again if your copy will produce leads, sales and profits.Forget about paying THOUSANDS to
specialists and hoping if you’ll make your money back. Or agonize for weeks & months trying to create
your own marketing materials.

Instead, just use this NEXT LEVEL copywriting technology and maximize sales from any campaign you run.

Turn Your Words Into Cash With ScriptEngage

Once logged in to the cloud-based software, you’ll see a friendly dashboard with all the tools you need.

Video guides walk you thru the process of creating your copy, from start to finish.

Starting a new project is as easy as filling out an avatar - think of this as a project profile. Answer the series of strategically placed questions.

Each is designed to best position your product and send the perfect message to prospects. You’ll only need do this ONCE per project. All answers can be saved so you can use the SAME profile to create unlimited types of marketing material.

5 pre-filled profiles are included for you to use or customize, so you can get started FAST.

Pick the type of sales copy or marketing material you want to have generated.

We’ve covered practically every type within the software, from sales pages to ad copy, emails and everything in between.

Choose your niche. Unlike many competitors, ScriptEngage will create top converting copy for your specific market and goals.

Pick the exact form of copy you want, click generate, and you’re done.

10 minutes or less, from scratch to completed copy!

Customization & Conversions

Where The REAL Money Is...

As easy as the software is to use, the technology isn’t what’s going to make you money. That comes from the sales scripts themselves … and we’ve spared absolutely NO expense here.

Each piece of copy ScriptEngage produces is based on top converting sales materials. Using the EXACT words and phrases behind MULTIPLE millions of dollars in sales.

  • Some templates come from the very best copy we’ve had created for our own products.
  • For others, we’ve contracted 7 figure copywriting specialists - each EXPERTS in their industries, and paid them to share their best ever copy.

It would be extremely hard for anyone to find copy that converts this well at ANY price.

Most of the scripts generated will work without changing a word. However, we understand many users will want to customize their results, so we’ve made that easier than ever for you.

Bring Your Copy To Life With Advanced Customization Features

The Section Adder lets you QUICKLY update your copy with a full range of features.

Create your IDEAL promotion with unlimited flexibility.

Add preheadlines, headlines, bullet points, problems & solutions, benefits, summaries, testimonials, scarcity & calls to action.

Best part? Just click on the element you want to add, and the section is AUTOMATICALLY filled in for you based on your project profile.

The Smart Editor is a full-featured, WYSIWYG editor that lets you instantly change the look and feel of your copy. Change fonts, colors and layout. Add images and logos. If you can imagine it, you can do it with ScriptEngage !

Pick Your Pleasure - Multiple Export Options Put YOU In Control

Export any generated sales copy script to multiple formats. Whatever works best for you and your team:

This makes it SIMPLE to edit offline and customize your copy even more.
Easily convert scripts into lead magnets, eBooks, presentations and even videos.

User Testimonials

"I Highly Recommend It"

"Converting At 48% For 3 Months Now"

"I Absolutely Love This Tool"

"You Will NOT Be Disappointed"

Even More Powerful Features Include:

Script Collaboration - this was a huge priority as we often partner up on various projects. This feature lets you instantly export to Google Docs where you can give various team members editing permissions. Share as MANY scripts as you want, 24/7 … and profit from the power of teamwork.

Video Sales Letter (VSL) Scripts - usually sold as only standalone products or upsells, these are INCLUDED with ScriptEngage. Easily create winning video scripts that skyrocket conversions on any of your campaigns.

Webinar Scripts - again, normally only found as upgrades or separate software's - included with your access today. Leverage the conversion power of webinars with our PROVEN to convert scripts to close more high ticket sales.

Phone Scripts - we’re including our battle-tested phone scripts we use to close high end clients. You’d expect to pay thousands on private coaching to access custom scripts like these that will help you close dream clients with ease.

Complete Email Sequences - top converting emails created by EXPERTS in their fields. From cold prospecting to webinar sequences, welcome emails and eCommerce sales, you’re covered with the very best email templates available.

Advertising Copy - turn FB ads, sponsored tweets and pay-per-click ads into conversion machines with professional ads customized to your products.

With ScriptEngage You Can:

Your Choice: Pay THOUSANDS For Experts, Invest In MULTIPLE Softwares, Spend Weeks or Months Writing Your Own Copy …

Or grab this groundbreaking, all-in-one tool with proven results

Yes! I Want More Leads, Sales & Profits … And Understand By Acting Now I’ll Get This Breakthrough Software For A FRACTION Of What It’ll Cost After This Launch Special

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All The Marketing Materials You’ll Ever Need -
Waiting Inside ScriptEngage



Over 50 PROFESSIONALLY Written, Proven
Sales Scripts To Make You Money

Nothing on the market today will turn as many potential prospects into paying, loyal customers as ScriptEngage will.

Every piece of tech and every element of copy is designed to maximize your profits … in the least amount of time possible.

Proven copy with verifiable results, behind multiple millions of dollars in sales.

ALL of it at your fingertips with your access today.

Act Now And We’ll Also Include These PRICELESS Bonuses

Bonus #1 Expert Script From The Queen Of LinkedIn

Jimena Cortez shares the EXACT script she and her clients have used to turn LinkedIn prospects into clients, time and again.

Build your brand and authority and have prospects come looking for you.

Bonus #2 THREE Training Webinars

To Maximize Your Results With ScriptEngage

Join us as we walk you thru the software to generate the best possible results for your campaigns.

We’ll cover both basic and advanced sales copy strategies and exactly how to use them to maximize sales of your products and services.

Sounds Great, But How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

You’ve already seen the results this software has created for beta testers. In fact, we’ve used the same software to create life-changing results for clients:

Using our methods and tools, we’ve taken one client from 3K per month to over ONE MILLION in pure profit. We’re so completely confident ScriptEgage will deliver for you, we’ll guarantee it:

The ScriptEngage IRONCLAD Money Back Guarantee

Just trial the software for 30 days. See for yourself how easy it is to create ANY type of marketing material for any campaign you’re running.

Save hundreds to thousands in outsourcing fees, or make at least DOUBLE the cost of the software back with the revenues you earn on your first campaign.

If not, your money back. No questions or hassles.

Of course if it’s a technical issue, our dedicated support team will work with you personally to get you up and running in record time.

But in the unlikely event you decide this software is not for you, no problem.

You’ve got absolutely NOTHING to lose, and only the best possible conversions you’ve ever seen to gain. With a tool that’s built on multiple MILLION dollar sales copy.

Yes! I Want MORE Sales, Leads & Profits
From EVERY One Of My Campaigns!

Script Engage - Monthly Plan

Script Engage 2.0 - Yearly Plan

It’s time to decide. The Coke’s, McDonald’s & Bud Light’s of the world have already proven how ESSENTIAL top converting sales copy is to financial success.

Are you ready for these types of results for YOUR business?

  • Maximizing sales, leads and profits from every campaign
  • Positioning yourself as THE AUTHORITY in your niche and market
  • Scaling your business and growing your profits WITHOUT the hassle and expense of outsourcing

Then hit the button BEFORE the price skyrockets. Once the timer hits zero, access to this EXACT SAME software will cost you $297

Thanks for visiting this page. It’s our sincere hope to help you generate the most profits from your campaigns for the lowest possible cost.

We’ve invested huge dollars into this software and the copy scripts behind it to make that happen for you … and are confident this will give you the results you’re after.

P.S. As a launch exclusive, we’re offering this software for a mere fraction of what it’s really worth. You can get in now for pennies on the dollar, or pay over FOUR times the cost once this launch special closes

P.P.S. Conversions are profits, in any niche. You now have the ability to maximize YOUR conversions without the expenses or hassles. Just try ScriptEngage out for 30 days - you’ve got nothing to lose with our ironclad guarantee.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-icon Will ScriptEngage Work With My Computer?

    If you’ve got internet access, the software will work for you. This is a web-based solution that works seamlessly with all operating platforms.

  • q-iconWill the software generate UNIQUE copy for my projects?

    Absolutely. First, the profile section digs deep into the details of your specific campaigns. Secondly, you can customize ANY output with the section adder and smart editor features.

  • q-iconAre Updates Included?

    100% Yes! We use this software ourselves and have a dedicated development team backing the software. Any and all updates will be automatically delivered and you won’t have to do a thing.

  • q-iconAre there any limits to the number of scripts I can generate?

    None at all. With your access today, you can generate unlimited sales copy scripts, for unlimited projects, in any niche you want.

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