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Hey Jay Boyer here and welcome to ScriptEngage.

You’re about to access a revolutionary tool for creating top converting sales materials for any project.

This single software has the power to save you THOUSANDS in copywriting fees, while increasing sales to whatever you have on offer.

But to best understand the software, it’s important to understand why sales copy is so critical in driving sales.

The right words in the right places, combined with buying triggers and psychology, are all part of the magic that winning sales copy produces. What most people forget?

The MARKET Drives Your Profits…
But It’s Changing EVERY Day

There’s no way the best ads of just a few years ago would work as well today. Why? Thanks to constant access to information, the triggers that motivate people are changing QUICKLY.

Try telling someone 10 years ago that they’d be spending an hour or more per day on Facebook. Now? Easy to sell a phone that makes it easier to upload photos to their favourite social networks.

Who knew just 5 years ago that SnapChat would be the social platform of choice for teenagers, or that “organic cotton” would be in such high demand?

Changes like these are coming faster than ever, and marketers like you and I have got to adapt. With smart marketing that stays AHEAD of the trends.

Adapt Or Lose - Change Is No Longer An Option

Just as the products you sell or promote must adapt to the market …

So must your marketing.

Send the wrong message, and your
marketing dollars are wasted.

Send the right message, and
your profits explode.

So priority #1 must be to connect with your prospects in a way that MOTIVATES them to keep buying from you.

Which means staying current and keeping ahead of the competition.

Marketing Wins & Fails

Toyota makes all kinds of cars. But recently it really pushed its hybrid lineup, and 2016 sales in that category doubled those of 2015.

That’s adaptation. A company marketing PROPERLY to an audience that has recently become very environmentally aware.

Meanwhile, retail GIANTS including Macy’s, Walmart and Office Depot are closing stores … because they’re not competing successfully in the online marketplace. By failing to deliver the right message to their consumers in an age of increasing online competition.

Skyrocket YOUR Sales By Being The Change People Want

Bottom line? The BEST way to continue to grow sales is to send the right message to prospects. The type of message that “scratches the itch” people are experiencing RIGHT NOW.

According to Quora, french fries and Big Macs are the top 2 best sellers in the entire McDonald’s menu.

But recently the burger chain has expanded its menu to include more healthy choices. So that it can market to an audience that’s now MORE interested in eating healthy and controlling calories.

This hasn’t changed the fact that burgers and fries are what’s making Mcdonald’s money. It’s just allowed the company to market more effectively based on what consumers want now.

Update Your Message To UPGRADE Your Profits

The key here is knowing that we have to keep our marketing CURRENT and fresh. To continue to maximize sales as people’s “buying triggers” change.

  • 30 years ago people wanted to save money on gas.
  • 10 years ago people were most interested about losing weight and saving the environment.
  • Today people want more likes on their social profiles.

Tomorrow? Who knows.

But the marketers that stay AHEAD of what REALLY motivates consumers will continue to dominate their industries.

Which means TIRELESS research into what’s happening in the world right now.

Who’s got the time, or BUDGET, for that?

The Power Of “On-Time” Marketing

Imagine having constantly updated marketing messages that maximize conversions for YOUR products.

Positioning your product or service as THE solution to people’s most urgent problems. Telling people EXACTLY what they need to hear, so they buy more of your stuff.

Without spending thousands hiring experts or researchers to find out what’s working.

Stop dreaming, because now that’s a reality.


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